For those of you who don’t know how to laugh…yet…

  Can I Laugh Now

What is Can I Laugh Now? CILN is a video blog/blog by Kitta and myself where viewers/readers share and view embarrassing stories. Don’t worry; the stories are kept anonymous.

Who are Kitta and Bell? You’ve heard of Life Coaches; well we are your personal Laugh Coaches. We have both been in some pretty embarrassing situations and are not afraid to share them with the world.

What’s the point? Laughter is good for the soul. Cliche, I know but true. I was elated when I reached the point where my story (below) brought me laughter instead of tears. Can I Laugh Now is here for those of you who can’t laugh yet. Laugh at us until you can laugh at yourself.

Why 1 Peter 5:9-12? As Christians, faith plays a huge role in our lives, and it was our faith that helped us through painful times. Kitta and I find it only fitting that Can I Laugh Now has a supporting scripture. 1 Peter 5: 9-12 express that we, as believers, are not alone in our trials, that the pain is temporary, and that we will be restored by God. Kitta and I agree wholeheartedly with this scripture and want to share it with our viewers.

Why should you submit? Because it is not fair for you to laugh at our embarrassing moments without submitting your own. Stop being so selfish!

What now? Check us out and tell us what you think!




Submit Your Story:

And now, my Can I Laugh Now? moment…

“Just a Girl I Met on Facebook”

Laugher:  Belle

From:  Memphis, TN

When:  Junior yr in college

Premise (lie):  my boyfriend was to travel out of town for the weekend to visit a friend

  • I discover that someone is in his room. (It can’t be him because he is out of town. Yeah right!)
  • I wait and listen outside of his door. (Oh, like you’ve never waited outside of someone’s house before!)
  • The door opens and out emerges my sheepish boyfriend.
  • He tells me “It’s just some girl I met on Facebook” (Like that makes it better?!)
  • I try to leave, but he blocks my path. I ask him to let me go, and when he refuses I SCREAM at the top of my lungs!
  • Boys come out of their dorm rooms, the resident advisor gets involved, my homegirls (who I called for backup while I was listening outside of his door) show up and start banging on the front door of the dorm!
  • My boyfriend sees them and takes off running out the back door! LMBO!

Whew! Now that wasn’t so bad. 🙂 I hope you have enjoyed my CILN moment. There was once a time when sharing this story was painful. Now I truly look back on this and laugh. Yes, it was messed up, but such is life. I’m just happy that the memory no longer hurts. And that, Laughers, is the sole purpose of Can I Laugh Now. Kitta and I want to turn a painful moment (I prefer to think of them as life lessons) into a comical one. So if you can get with that, hit us up. We would love to share your story with others. So I have only one question left:

What’s your CILN moment?

Until next time, Keep Laughing!


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