Can’t Blame this Skeleton on Halloween…

Just needing to vent-

WHY IS THIS SO HARD? Why are past mistakes so hard to get over? So hard to let go? Why do we let the past keep us from enjoying the fullness of the present? The beauty of the present? The sincerity of the present? Why do we hold ourselves prisoners? How foolish we are when the key to our freedom we possess the entire time! What are we afraid of?

As for me, I’ve wasted too much time, too much energy, too many freakin’ tears on the past. No more. My past cannot, will not have anymore of  my present. And believe me, it’s easy to revert back to past ways, to the old, to the familiar, to the comfortable but I’m over that. I’ve moved beyond that. So you can stay in my past if you want to. But all you will be doing is holding my skeleton.

Is it too much to ask for you to see me for who I am today? Who I am right now, right this minute. I thank God that He is not like man. I thank God that He does not judge me based on my past mistakes, and I thank God that He sees me for who I am right now, not for who I was back then. But then again, I guess He does have a bit of an advantage; He knows the future. He knows how much I love Him. He knows this time around that I am serious about my relationship with Him. He sees me pouring out my heart to Him and does not doubt it because He knows that I am genuine. So I guess me asking you to do the same would be asking you to have a little faith in me, huh? And I guess that would be asking too much.

And for those inspector gadgets out there trying to figure out who I am talking about- I’m talking about YOU! Why do you hold on to past hurts, mistakes, and failures? Walk into your now. Do it before it is too late and you miss out on a good- no great- thing! Do it before you are adding a skeleton of regret to that closet.

-Consider this your kick in the nuts

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