Risk Taker?

The biggest risk (this new year) is not taking one.

Will she make it?

Ahhh, It’s that time once again. A new year.

“New Year! New Possibilities!” Blah, Blah, Blah. So cliché. Me, I’d rather look back on 2011 and reflect on the possibilities and opportunities I didn’t take. For some reason I opted out on several worthwhile opportunities. So this year I am going back (a big “no-no” I know) to reclaim them.

I’ll just be honest; I’m not a risk taker. Reason:  I fear failure. So to avoid the risk of failure I play it safe. I play it safe in all areas of my life:  career, relationships, spiritual life, fashion, you name it – I play it safe. Well no more.

The only resolution I made for 2012 was to leave all excuses behind, fear of failure being the dominant one. With excuses behind me, I am now embarking on the risks that I have always wanted to take.

One of my favorite quotes is from Mark Twain:  “Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.” Which is a more sophisticated way of saying that the only way to conquer your fears are to face them.

So here it is:

My Top 10 List of Fears/Risks I’m Conquering in the New Year:

10. Cut up my Macy’s card. Ok, I’ve actually already cut it up, but I still use it. Don’t judge me. So I’m going a step further and canceling my account.

9. Learn to cook. That’s right; I can’t cook. Wanna fight about it?

8. Cut my hair. Yeah, that’s not happening. I’ll dye it instead. Anyone know how to give me the Stacey Dash “Single Ladies” look?

7. Learn to shoot a firearm. You never know when the zombie apocalypse might hit.

6. Become a regular volunteer/employee at a local homeless shelter. I’ve known for a while now that my passion is serving the homeless; however, I have yet to do anything about it.

5. Walk the beach in a bikini WITHOUT a cover-up. *She wore an itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie yellow polka-dot bikini…

4. Follow my own (yes, I know that was redundant) career aspirations, not those of my family, friends, or peers. This includes finishing my play and publishing a certain Dr. Seuss spoof (Chantavia, that was for you. Lol).

3. No sex for a year. Yeah, I said it. I’ve held out that long before; I can hold out again. As my pastor said New Year’s Eve, “We are too beautiful to settle for someone who is not our husband.” I needed to be reminded of that.

2. Love like I’ve never been hurt. This means leaving all my baggage, hang-ups, etc. at the door. Easier said than done but not impossible.

1. Give God my all. Yeah I give, serve, and do a lot but I know that I could do more. And I know that He has called me to do so much more. So, time to step it up and “live a life worthy of the calling I have received” (Ephesians 4: 1).

Whew! That’s my Top 10. What’s yours?

Until next time,

Keep Laughing!


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6 thoughts on “Risk Taker?

  1. I will call this my list of risk/fears AND things that I’ve been putting off that I would like to conquer. I won’t say conquer all of them in 2012 because some may not happen within this year but I would definitely like to conquer them in the near future.

    1. Approaching guys. I told myself I’m going to start taking more initiative when it comes to approaching men that I’m interested in. Many women including myself have the mentality that “if a guy is interested in me, he will approach me” but that might not be the case. Some guys might not be the type to approach females so what’s wrong with taking a little initiative to show that you’re interested. You could be missing out on a good thing. Like they say “closed mouths don’t get fed”! Sometimes we wait around for prince charming when in reality he could be waiting on us! ; )

    2. Start back writing: When I was a couple of years younger I would write short stories and poetry. It seems like as you get older you tend to put off the things that you are really passionate about due to lack of time because of school, work, friends, family, various activities etc….
    3. Start a blog. I’ve been putting this off for the past year. I have so many ideas but I have yet to put them into action . This will also give me the opportunity to get back into writing.
    4. Start back playing the piano. I played the piano as a kid but stopped taking lessons so I pretty much lost what I knew. They say if you don’t use it you lose it! I started back taking lessons last January but I had to quit because I didn’t have enough time to commit due to my hectic class schedule. Grad school was NO JOKE!! Now that I’m done with school, I plan on picking lessons back up.
    5. Get a tat. Now this is something that I’ve really been debating with for years. Do I really want to put something permanent on my body. After much consideration, I decided that I’m getting one but it’s just a matter of getting in a car to actually get to a tat shop!
    6. Building a closer relationship with God. This is something I say I’m going to do every year but my relationship has remained stagnant. I try to go to church every Sunday, I read the Bible when I get a chance, I say a quick prayer before I go to sleep and when I wake up but I know that’s not enough. God gives us so much but yet we tend to give HIM so little so this is definitely an area I want to improve in my life. I feel like when your relationship with God is right, it sets the tone for how the relationships with other people in your life will be.

    • Ashley,

      Thanks for your comment! You should def start a blog. I can’t wait to read it! 🙂 And I love what you said about strenghtening your relationship with God “when your relationship with God is right, it sets the tone for how the relationships with other ppl in your life will be.” So true!

  2. I can help you with # 7, I’m doing # 8 tomorrow, I’ll join you this summer for # 5, already doing #3 (1 1/2 yrs strong), definitely on board for #1 (He’s the only reason i’ve gotten out of bed the last 3 days), but #2….not gonna happen. But you have fun with that one. Love the blog as always. 🙂

  3. There are a few things that I would like to push myself to do this year or sooner.

    1. I am going to face my fear of water and take a swimming class.
    2. Read my bible every morning to help me begin my day.
    3. Submit my application to volunteer/mentor with Girls Inc.
    4. Encourage someone else with a smile or kind word on a daily basis.
    5. Organize my finances, debt, and savings.
    6. Get in a position to request a promotion on my job.
    7. Remove beef from my diet.
    8. Take a Bikramyoga class
    9. Participate in a community event or marathon for Kidney Dialysis or Child Abuse Awareness.
    10. Be the best me that I can be!

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