Better Late than Never *Follow-up

“Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.” 1 Peter 5:9

Can I Laugh Now? *Encouraging you to see the humor in life’s embarrassing circumstances.

Mother knows best?

Better Late than Never *Follow-up

Hey, Laughers!

I promised you a follow-up to my last blog. So here it is. Since “Better Late than Never” my mom and I have started to hang out more. Now when we are together I view it as an opportunity to really connect with her instead of just killing time. Since the last blog, I realized that even though I felt that my mother and I didn’t have the typical “my mother is my best friend” relationship I still overlooked the basics she did for me as a mother:  caring for me when I was sick, praying for me, wanting the best for me, worrying about me over EVERYTHING, sacrificing for me, etc. Shirley Caesar’s “No Charge” helped me come to this realization. We actually went shopping together and because the mall was so crowded we ended up sharing a fitting room. I’ve NEVER done that before with anyone (I like my privacy). And it was actually fun. Not only did she give me feedback on my clothing selections but I actually wanted her feedback. I know strengthening our relationship is a process and it won’t happen overnight, but I am looking forward at this second chance at a friendship with my mom.

The key to my willingness to give our relationship an honest chance came from the realization that I had not forgiven my mother for things in the past. I was still holding on to hurt from incidents that happened over 4 years ago. While I said I had forgiven her (and a part of me thought I actually did) I was still holding onto resentment, and that resentment kept me from wanting to open up to her and be open to a deeper relationship with her. With the message of “Write It Off” still in my spirit from Sunday’s sermon, I went to my mother and let her know how I felt. And I told her I forgave her. And that I actually meant it this time. (Forgiving her wasn’t for her; it was for me. I could finally tear down that wall in my heart that kept me from wanting to develop a deeper relationship with my mom.) I really feel that my mother and I have turned a new page in our relationship. And I thank all of you for your support, your comments, and your prayers.

**Speaking of mothers, Can I Laugh Now? had the privilege of sitting down with Summer Owens, author of  Life After Birth:  A Memoir of Survival and Success as a Teenage Mother. But before we get into her book, Summer has a Can I Laugh Now? story she would like to share!

Who’s the side-chick?! Me or You?!

Laugher:  Summer from Memphis, TN

Premise:  Love Triangle Gone Wrong (But then again when do love triangles ever go right?)

*Summer meets a guy at a party and they hit it off.

*About 3 weeks in, Summer realizes that he is acting very weird. (After just 3 weeks?! Cut him loose!)

*So Summer decided to do the ultimate no-no…she searched through his phone! (Ladies and Gents, if you feel the need to snoop around then maybe you shouldn’t be dating this person. IJS.)

*And of course she finds something. One number shows up multiple times. And guess who it belongs to? His ex-girlfriend!

*Summer confronts her  boyfriend and he denies any and everything. And Summer stays with him. (Don’t judge, cause I’ve gone back too.)

*A couple of weeks later her suspicions return because he is constantly leaving the room to talk on the phone, etc. Summer, being the smart woman she is, kept the ex-girlfriend’s number and decides to call.

*Summer finds out that not only is her boyfriend still seeing his ex, he is also living with her! (Speechless)

*Surprisingly, the ex-girlfriend cops an attitude with Summer. Despite all of this Summer continues to stay with her boyfriend.

*They keep this love triangle up for quite some time. Summer and the ex-girlfriend going at it competing with each other. And the boyfriend lying to them both.

*Summer finally reaches her breaking point and decides to end the relationship.

Fast forward 4 yrs.

*Summer receives a call from her ex telling her that he is getting married (to the same girl). However, he doesn’t want to marry her. Summer isn’t surprised he doesn’t want to marry the other girl because he is always all over her (Summer) whenever they see each other out.

*He goes through with the marriage and even has the nerve to call Summer when he is on his way back from the wedding asking if he can come see her.

*Summer’s no home-wrecker so she tells her ex to kick rocks and enjoy his wife.

*Some time later Summer runs into her ex and his new wife. Seeing Summer they decide to kick the PDA (public display of affection) into overdrive. Summer even hears her ex and his wife laughing about her.

*Summer’s friends tell her she should be angry; Summer simply replies, “I’m laughing! If his wife only knew! She wouldn’t be laughing if she knew how he tries to get with me every time we run into each other!” (Summer definitely got the last laugh!)

Summer is happy. She’s enjoying the success of her new book and hasn’t given her ex another thought! That’s what I’m talking about!

*Laughers, have you ever been involved in a love triangle? If so, how did it turn out? And why do we always go after the other person? Why do we seem to let the one we are dating (and who is cheating on us get off the hook)?  Post your responses below.

 *To view the video for Summer’s story follow the links,

Summer’s Laugh Moment Part 1 –

Summer’s Laugh Moment Part 2 –

Until next time,

Keep Laughing!


2 thoughts on “Better Late than Never *Follow-up

  1. I really enjoyed this post and I can totally relate. My mom was very mean and hard on me growing up and that really pushed me away from her as I became an adult. It wasn’t until after I graduated from college that we actually could hold a civil conversation but even then I still didn’t feel close with her. I still have a lot of resentment towards her but I’m working on letting it go because she has changed as a person. Thanks for this post it was really encouraging!

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