the R. Kelly said it all…

Can I Laugh Now? *Encouraging you to see the humor in life’s embarrassing moments.

“Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.” 1 Peter 5:9

Red Flag! Red Flag! Red Flag! Will you take heed or proceed full steam ahead?

Red flags. How many times have you ignored these warning signs of danger? Was the outcome really that disastrous? The following story sent in from one of our Laughers is a great example of MISCOMMUNICATION and misreading all the signs or in this case red flags! These two definitely had different agendas! Did she lead him on? Or was he just too thirsty? You decide…

Laugher:  Sister to the Night from Jackson, MS

Premise:  Came over for “drinks and conversation” (Is that what they call it these days? lol)

12 Play

*While bringing in groceries one night, Sister notices a note on her windshield. It is from her downstairs neighbor. The note says he thinks she is “cute” and would like to get to know her.

*After asking around about her neighbor she discovers that he is actually her friend’s cousin. Her friend speaks highly of him (of course) so Sister decides to contact him.

*They text back and forth occasionally, but never have a phone conversation.

*One night Sister decides to take him up on his offer to come over for drinks and conversation. (Red flag! Do you really go to his place for the first date? Girl, haven’t you watched Lifetime?!)

*Sister walks into his apartment and notices that all the lights are off with the exception of a few candles, the glow from the tv, and a dim light coming from his bedroom (red flag).

*He offers her a drink. She settles on wine. He chooses shots of Patron (red flag).

*Sister isn’t interested in the movie playing on tv and asks him to choose something else. He selects R. Kelly’s 12 Play concert (RED FLAG!)

*Somehow they get on the topic of massages and he offers Sister one. She agrees and he guides her to his bedroom which is filled with lighted candles and slow jams on the stereo (red flag).

*He asks her to remove her shirt. She does because she is wearing a tank underneath. (Do I need to say it?)

*As the massage proceeds he begins to kiss on her neck and ear. Sister is ok with the extra attention until he reaches for her pants zipper (Halt!) She quickly moves away his hand and lets him know that she only came back there for a massage.

*Sister gets up to turn around and to her surprise finds that her neighbor is naked! (“Buckey Naked” as she said, lol!)

*She quickly tells him nothing is going down and he seems surprised and frustrated (well, duh!)

Guy:  “Come on. We’re both into it. Let’s just finished what we started.”

Sister:  “I only came over here for drinks and conversation.”

Guy: “Come on; I won’t judge you. Baby, we’re both grown and we know what we want!” (We’ve all heard that one!)

*Sister laughs to herself because he really thinks she is going to fall for that bull. Sister has heard enough. She grabs her shirt and shoes and heads for the door. Her neighbor is standing there in disbelief (still naked! lol).

*He walks her to the door, hands her purse, and lets her out.

*As soon as Sister makes it back upstairs to her apartment she grabs her phone to let her friend know all about this “great guy” she insisted Sister get to know.

*Before she can dial her friend, she receives a text from the neighbor:  “Could you at least come back and ‘fondle’ me as a courtesy?” (FYI:  he did not use the word “fondle”)

Lmbo! Wow! Can’t blame the guy for trying! *Oh, and she did not go back down there. In case you were wondering. Lol!

At the time Sister to the Night was “pissed” but she laughs harder and harder each time she tells this story. She says, “This situation could have easily turned into a bad situation, but I’m blessed that it didn’t, and I can just add it to one of my many life’s lessons. Every time I hear the words massage or R. Kelly, I can’t help but to think about that night and laugh!”

We are so00 glad that Sister to the Night is able to look back on this and laugh because she really put herself in a compromising situation!

Sister to the Night considered these her “Lessons Learned”

1. Use your own judgment instead of the opinions of others when getting to know a person.

2. Try to have several verbal conversations with a person before actually going over to his residence (Stop texting; call me!)

3. Try to avoid alcohol when meeting up with a person for the first time especially if you are meeting at his place (No Patron shots!)

4. Go with your intuition if you feel that there is something not quite right about a situation or person (R. Kelly? Really?)

So Laughers, what do you think? Was her neighbor out of line for stripping down to his birthday suit? Or was Sister to the Night unintentionally giving him the “green light”?

And to make sure that women don’t continue to send mixed messages… Men, what are some things a woman should NOT do if she has no intentions of sleeping with you? For example, should she accept that massage in your bedroom? (I can answer that, Heck No!)

Comment below!

Until Next Time,

Keep Laughing!


*To watch the hilarious video to this story, click the “YouTube” tab on the top right. 

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