Guest Post: Trey, I’m Ready!

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“Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings. And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm, and steadfast. To him be the power for ever and ever. Amen.” 1 Peter 5: 9-11

This week we have a guest post from Amy of Silent Confessions of a Southern Belle. She tells us all about her celebrity encounter with R&B superstar, TreySongz! (Don’t hate!)


I have had many celebrity crushes in my lifetime but none like the one that I have on R&B singer Treysongz. I remember when Trey first came on the scene back in 2005 with his hit single “Gotta Make It.” I thought he was cute and enjoyed his music but it wasn’t until 2007 when he released the cd Ready that I fell in love! Y’all remember the video for “I Need a Girl” when he was running on the beach with his shirt open and flashing that beautiful smile!?? Goodness I smile just thinking about it, LOL!! I remember thinking to myself how great it would be if I could just meet him.

In 2010 the opportunity to meet Trey finally presented itself. I was living in Memphis, TN attending graduate school at The University of Memphis and TreySongz had just kicked off his tour to promote his upcoming cd Passion, Pain & Pleasure. He was scheduled to come to Memphis so of course I had already bought my ticket. One day when I was getting ready for class I heard a commercial on K97 about a contest to meet TreySongz. Devin Steele, one of the DJ’s for K97 announced that the rules of the contest were to upload a one minute video explaining to everyone in Memphis why you were TreySongz’ biggest fan. The city would vote on the videos and the five people with the highest amount of votes would get to bring a friend to a private sound check pamper party to meet Trey and would also win tickets to show. I almost passed out!! I immediately called my sister and told her the good news!! We only had a week to make the video so we both started brainstorming up ideas. My sister and I are twins so we decided to use that as a gimmick for our video. We did a competitive video going back and forth with each other about who was the biggest fan! LOL we even had matching t-shirts made! (Don’t judge me!) We uploaded our video to the contest website and the voting began. After looking at the other contestants’ videos we knew we had this in the bag! Our video was the best hands down!! We immediately hit up our Facebook and Twitter friends and sent harassing text messages to everyone that we knew telling them to vote for our video. Me and my sister even worked in shifts sometimes staying up all night to vote on the video! (Psychotic, I know. LOL!) Finally after a week of voting the contest was over and we came in second place.

The day of the pamper party we could hardly control our excitement; reality sunk in that we were finally going to meet the man of our dreams! We arrived at the private location inside of the Orpheum Theater where we met the other winners. The party room was decorated with pictures of Trey and music was playing from some of his past and present cd’s. We were all given gift bags, served champagne and food, and were offered free massages. After socializing for about an hour everyone started to question where Trey was. With only 30 minutes remaining for the party Trey’s manager finally announced that he was on his way. She told us to act like adults and requested that we not scream when he walked in the room. A few minutes later Trey walked inside of the room and everyone stared at him and smiled. Trey went around the room and greeted all of us with a warm, friendly hug. Afterwards we were instructed to line up for individual pictures with him. I was at the end of the line and my heart was racing a thousand miles per hour! I had so much that I wanted to ask him but when it was finally my turn to get a picture with him all I could muster was a measly “hey.” He looked at me and then at my sister and asked were we related. I told him yes and that we were twins. He smiled and said that we were some cuties. I shyly looked down to the floor and said thank you. We took our picture and after about 30 seconds it was over. After everyone took individual pictures with Trey, we all took group pictures with him and afterwards we were instructed to line up for autographs. The process was so rushed that all we had time to say to him was hello and goodbye. After only about ten minutes it was all over. Trey gave us a wave and he was quickly out the door. I couldn’t explain the way I felt. I was really happy that I got the opportunity to meet him but at the same time I wanted more. After the party was over we left and started getting ready for the concert.

When we arrived back at the Orpheum for the show we discovered that we had really good seats and were very close to the stage. When Trey hit the stage the crowd went absolutely crazy! He really knew how to interact with the fans and gave people shout outs in the audience. Towards the end of the show Trey announced that he was going to pull a young lady on the stage for a massage. All the women in the crowd started going crazy screaming for Trey to please pick them!! Trey started walking around the stage and scanning the crowd. I was determined to be the girl that he chose so I jumped up in my seat and started waving my hands. Finally Trey stopped in the middle of the stage, pointed his finger out in the audience and said, “You!” Everyone looked around to see who he was talking about. I saw his security guard walking in my direction and my heart started to race. He came up to my seat, reached for my hand and…TO BE CONTINUED!

Now, Laughers, you didn’t think Amy was going to give it away all at once did you?! What kind of girl do you think she is?! Lol! Stay tuned for her hilarious conclusion!

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Funny Friday: “Rodney?!” and “We Must be Early”

Can I Laugh Now? *Encouraging you to see the humor in life’s embarrassing moments.

“Resist him, standing firm in faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings. And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. To him be the power for ever and ever. Amen.” 1 Peter 5: 9-11

Here’s a quick laugh from two of our Laughers!


Laugher:  Justin from Memphis, TN

Premise:  Got his hopes up!

*It’s Justin’s junior year of high school and he has a crush on an upperclassman

*He is too nervous to say anything for fear of rejection, so luckily for Justin his crush approaches him one day for advice

*She reveals to Justin that she has a crush on a younger guy and doesn’t know if she should tell him since dating underclassmen is frowned upon

*Justin (thinking his crush is talking about him) convinces her to be bold (even though he isn’t) and go talk to the guy she has a crush on

*Justin sees his crush the next day with a huge smile on her face

Justin:  Hey, why are you so happy? What’s going on?

Crush:  I took your advice. I go out with Rodney now!

Justin: RODNEY?!

Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that we have all been there at one time or another. Thinking our crush is talking about us only to see him/her with someone else the next day. I feel your pain, Justin!

Lesson Learned:

Be direct! Justin says he ended up being rejected anyway, at least if he was direct and told her how he felt up-front, he wouldn’t have gotten his hopes up.

Justin shares his story with me:  Rodney?!

*Extra:  I bet you didn’t know that Justin was Ivory Bishop

Our next Laugher learned a valuable lesson about being on time!

“We Must Be Early”

Laugher:  Megan 

Premise:  Better late than never…not in this case!

*Megan’s hard work has paid off and her publication has been nominated for an award

*She and her mom get all dolled up from head to toe and head to the awards ceremony

*They quickly notice that no one is there

*Megan tells her mother, “We must be early.” Megan pulls the tickets out of her purse to discover that the event was actually the night before!

Megan says that luckily she did not win the award; otherwise, she would have missed out on a great experience.

Lesson Learned:

Since Megan is starting to gain recognition she says that she has to pay extra attention to detail! She’s big time but she hasn’t reached personal assistant status yet! Lol. Megan says that she and her mother still laugh about that night to this day. They definitely gave new meaning to “all dressed up with nowhere to go”!

Megan shares her story with Kitta:  We Must Be Early

Check out Megan’s magazine: Divine Magazine

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Guest Post: The Top One Reason Why Living By Yourself Sux Sometimes

Can I Laugh Now? *Encouraging you to see the humor in life’s embarrassing moments.

“Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings. And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. To him the be power for ever and ever. Amen.” 1 Peter 5: 9-11

Kitta and I have decided to spotlight our favorite bloggers by inviting them to be guest bloggers for CILN to share a post with all of you, our Laughers! We are going to kick it off with Sonya of Magnet for Foolishness with…

The Top One Reason Why Living By Yourself Sux Sometimes

I’ve always said that my days of having a roommate are over. The next roommate I have will hopefully be my husband, and the only other roommates I want to have after that are our kids. I love being able to use my whole house as a closet and I don’t like having to do…well…anything I don’t want to do. Which is why I LOVE not having a roommate.

But sometimes, when things go bump in the night, I think to myself, “Self, since you don’t have a roommate, then clearly that “bump” you just heard wasn’t your roommate moving around outside your bedroom. And maybe if you had a roommate, you could text her (or him) in the next room to see if she (or he) heard that bump, too.” But, you know, when you don’t have a roommate, you can’t do things like that.

So one day last week I come home from a hard day’s work and I’m delirious. But I don’t realize just yet, HOW delirious. I step in the door and immediately start to strip (cuz these are the things you can do when you don’t have a roommate) and think about what I’m gonna have for dinner. At this point I realize that I am so focused on getting out of my work clothes and getting into some food, that I haven’t even closed the door behind me. But luckily I’d only taken off my sunglasses, earrings, and shoes, and removed the purse from my shoulder. Other things were still in process. I stop dead in my tracks because I notice something on the carpet about 30 feet from where I stand. Something that wasn’t there when I left this morning. I thought, “Gee. This is not good. Whatever it is, it’s not good.” I move one step closer and become paralyzed. It is the hugest roach that I’d ever seen IN. LIFE. I could not believe it. At that very moment, I start going through the five stages of grief:

(1) Denial. “There is NO WAY this can be a roach. And there is no way that a roach could be in MY house. DOESN’T THIS ROACH KNOW WHO I AM?” Even though it totally is a roach and it totally is in my house.

(2) Anger. “My neighbors suck! I can’t believe that they keep their house so filthy that it attracts roaches and by default, the roaches are now infiltrating my unit.” (Some people might also classify this as denial. And this is totally NOT true, by the way.)

(3) Bargaining. “Lord, if you let this NOT be a roach, I promise to get a roommate so that I’ll have somebody to blame this kinda stuff on.”

(4) Depression. “I’m so disappointed in myself. How could I let my housekeeping slip that badly? Did I let my cereal bowl sit in the sink one day too long?”

(5) Acceptance. “I have roaches. One gigantic, mother-earth sized roach, to be exact. Be a woman and deal with it.”

So I decide to be brave. I’m not going to be a prisoner in my own home, and I don’t have a roommate to call. So I have to deal with this all by myself. I take one step closer to the roach. I do it slowly because I don’t want the roach to see me and make any sudden moves. My heart is beating super-fast and thoughts are racing through my head: “Should I call my Dad and ask him what to do? I know I just called him yesterday when my air conditioner broke, so he might think I’m unindependent and can’t figure ANYTHING out for myself. I wonder if unindependent is a word? Maybe I should call my Dad and ask him. Oh wait…” So then I think, “Nope. I’m not gonna call him. Cuz he’ll for sure think that I’m crazy. But technically, if I am crazy, that would be 50% his fault, right?” And then I think, “There has GOT to be someone else I can call to come get this roach out of my house! I think I wanna put my house on the market…maybe I should call my realtor. I wonder if I do, will she come kill this roach? And then I can tell her nevermind, I wanna keep the house.” Finally, I think, “I should probably put my earrings back on. I think much better with them on.” In hindsight, this was especially important because if the roach moved before I got there with something to disable it (you know, like Pam, Febreeze, or Spray N’ Wash), the likelihood that I would pass out was very high. And when they came to find me (whoever they is, cuz it’s not like I have a roommate), I wanted to be cute.

So I move another step closer to the roach. And I then I start thinking again. “Gee, this is a mighty ROUND roach. And it is quite RED. Not sure I’ve ever seen a roach THIS round and red.” I take one step closer, still afraid that the roach might move. At this point, I’m practically standing right above this roach; I know it can see my shadow and it still hasn’t moved! So then it hits me. This might not be a roach at all. It might be a dried up piece of turkey pepperoni I dropped on the floor. On this particular morning, I was in such a hurry, I didn’t have time to fry any turkey bacon. So I just grabbed a handful of turkey pepperoni to munch on, on the way out the door. Apparently, I dropped one.

THIS is the roach.

And that is the top one reason why living by yourself sux sometimes. And it can also be the reason why you might need to get glasses.

Hey Laughers! Do you have a roommate? If so, what are some things that you like or don’t like about having a roommate? If not, have you discovered any advantages (or in my case, disadvantages) of living alone?


Wow! That was the most interesting “roach” I’ve ever seen! Lol! Thanks, Sonya!

Laughers, be sure to let us know your take on the roommate situation. For it or against it? Why or why not? (I don’t think anyone is for roach roommates, but I wouldn’t mind turkey pepperoni as a roommate.)

If you’d like to read more from Sonya (and I know you do) check out her blog, Magnet for Foolishness.

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