Guest Post: Trey, I’m Ready! Pt. 2

Can I Laugh Now? *Encouraging you to see the humor in life’s embarrassing moments.

“Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings. And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm, and steadfast. To him be the power for ever and ever. Amen.” 1 Peter 5: 9-11

Below is the conclusion from our guest blogger Amy of Silent Confessions of a Southern Belle. She finishes telling us all about her celebrity encounter with R&B superstar, TreySongz! (Don’t hate!)


Where Part 1 left off:  Trey started walking around the stage and scanning the crowd. I was determined to be the girl that he chose so I jumped up in my seat and started waving my hands. Finally Trey stopped in the middle of the stage, pointed his finger out in the audience and said, “You!” Everyone looked around to see who he was talking about. I saw his security guard walking in my direction and my heart started to race. He came up to my seat, reached for my hand and

…led me towards the stage. I was in total disbelief and my heart was racing like crazy! Omg I thought to myself; this is my moment!!! When I was halfway towards the stage I heard Trey say, “I didn’t say her; I said the girl in the blue dress.” The security guard immediately turned me around and took me back to my seat and grabbed my sister’s hand. I was so pissed and not to mention embarrassed!! Trey smiled, looked at my sister and then looked back at me and said, “they look alike though!” WTH!! I thought to myself that’s because we are twins! You just met us a couple of hours ago, uuuuughhhhh! As I watched my sister walk up the stairs towards Trey my anger slowly dissipated and I became excited for her. Trey led my sister to the massage chair and put on quite a show. The girls in the crowd were screaming like crazy while I recorded the whole thing. After Trey finished giving her a massage the security guard led her offstage. A few minutes later she was back at her seat with a huge smile on her face. She looked at me and said, “This was one of the best nights that I have had in a long time!” I looked at her and said ,“Yea, I bet! You just got a massage from Trey Songz!!”

Click here to view the famous massage!!! You won’t believe this video!   

A year and half later I was now finished with grad school and living back in my hometown of Madison, Mississippi. I thought I was finally off of my Trey Songz high until the dates were announced for his Anticipation 2 Tour. The closest city on the tour from Madison was in Southaven, MS which is right outside of Memphis. My sis and I bought our tickets; now all we had to do was come up with a plan to get me on the stage. After being at quite a few Trey Songz’ concerts by now I realized that in order to be the lucky girl that he selected to bring onstage you had to do something that would get his attention. Whether it be a t-shirt, a sign, or an outfit, you have to do something that will catch his eye! I decided to go with a sign but I wanted to make a sign that would really stand out. My sister came up with the idea to make a sign that had one of his cd titles in it. I brainstormed for about 10 minutes and it came to me! My sign would say, “TREY, I’M READY.” Lol, I know what most of you are thinking but I didn’t mean it in a sexual way. Trey’s third cd is called Ready and I definitely knew it would be a sign that would catch his eye. My sister and I went to work making my sign. We cut out silver and gold glitter letters and glued them onto a huge lime green poster. There was no way that he would be able to miss this sign.
The night of the concert my sister and I made our way into the Desoto Civic Center for the big show. As we walked into the building I became a little embarrassed for having a huge sign. After all I was 26 years old and the idea now seemed a bit juvenile. The usher led me and my sister to our seats and to our surprise we were very close to the stage. I didn’t see anyone else with a sign so I looked at my sister and said confidently, “I got this!” Trey hit the stage and the crowd went crazy as usual. He flashed that gorgeous smile and two minutes later panties were being thrown onto the stage! Lol that was the effect that Mr. Trey Songz had on the ladies! Towards the middle of the show Trey announced that he was about to bring a luck lady onstage. As usual Trey started scanning the crowd and I noticed that girls started popping up with signs all over the place. Oh crap, I have to get him to see my sign! I started waving my sign back and forth like crazy only for the stupid security guard to run over to me and tell me to put it down because the people behind me couldn’t see. When the security guard was close by I would put my sign down and when he would walk away I would start waving it again. Trey was still pacing back and forth across the stage and I started getting nervous! He hasn’t seen my sign yet!! Finally he stopped in the middle of the stage and pointed at a girl three rows in front of me wearing a Trey’s Angel t-shirt and holding up a sign that said “Can I have your shirt?” I couldn’t believe it; this was not the way things were supposed to go! I was supposed to be the girl that he brought on the stage! Disappointed and pissed I sat down for the rest of the show and watched as he hugged on the girl that he brought onstage.

At the end of the show Trey came back onstage and started giving shout-outs to different women in the audience. The lights came on and he said, “let me see who we got in the building tonight.” He was calling out everyone who had a sign or a t-shirt. I held up my sign but Trey still didn’t see it. I told my sister to help me hold it up. We pushed it up together as high as we could and we heard him say, “I see you with the sign that says ‘Trey, I’m Ready.'” Trey formed a slight smirk on his face and asked me what the hell I was ready for. The camera zoomed in on my face and there I was on the big screen. All eyes were on me and I froze up like a deer caught in some headlights! Trey told the band to turn the music down so he could hear me but I couldn’t say a word. I just pointed at him as a response to his question. He smiled and asked me what I was ready for him to do. I said whatever he wanted to do. He smiled again and said we will see about that. He then moved on to the next person. I couldn’t believe it; he actually saw my sign! My sister and I were laughing like crazy. She looked at me and said, “Well, hey, at least you got your moment.” I replied and said, “ Yeah, but that wasn’t the moment I was hoping for.” After the concert was over I folded up my sign and placed it on the ground; I’m getting too old for this I thought to myself laughing. I started to walk off but then I turned around to pick it back up. Hey, there is always a next time I thought to myself with a smile. Plus third times a charm!…


Wow! Well we at Can I Laugh Now? sure hope Amy get’s her “third time”!

Until Next Time,

Keep Laughing!


*Read more of Amy’s Silent Confessions

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