Clearly a Comedienne

Can I Laugh Now? *Encouraging you to see the humor in life’s embarrassing moments.

“Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings. And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm, and steadfast. To him be the power for ever and ever. Amen.” 1 Peter 5: 9-11

Clearly a Comedienne- Yes, Comedienne ’cause I’m female!

Can I Laugh Now? had the privilege to sit down with a very talented and funny individual, Mzzz. Kecia. (That’s right, 3 z’s. One for the Father, one for the Son, and one for the Holy Spirit. Or 3 z’s because she’s always tired. Lol, you choose.) Either way she is one funny lady!

A Very Funny and Interesting Start

Mzzz. Kecia is from Gary, Indiana (no, she does not know the Jacksons but she can Moonwalk). So in 2003, she was asked to be part of a Singles Ministry program. Well she was listed as a comedian. Mzzz. Kecia knew she made the program director laugh over the phone but she had no idea she was going to be listed as a comedian for the show!

Mzzz. Kecia began to wonder,”is this the Lord speaking to me?” Because she had always been told that she was funny and should pursue a career in comedy. Well this was her big shot! She never took the show seriously until afterwards when people came up asking for her business card. And thus Mzzz. Kecia was born!

Christian Comedienne? Mzzz. Kecia does not see the need to be labeled a “Christian” comedian. Being a Christian is a part of who she is and is in everything she does, not just comedy. So keep the labels because Mzzz. Kecia tells more than just “Jesus Jokes”!

Lessons Quickly Learned the Hard Way

Mzzz. Kecia now uses contracts when booking a show. Why? Because of the following things that have happened to her that she does not want to happen again!

Being offered to be paid in food! Yes, fish and chicken! Mzzz. Kecia is a recession comedienne; she will work with you! Lol. At least give her gas money to make it back home!

Mzzz. Kecia’s favorite line from clients when it comes to being paid: “I thought you were a Christian.” ATTN:  “Christians eat! Christians have bills! I can’t call Memphis Light Gas and Water and say ‘Hey, I’m a Christian!’ They won’t write that off!” Stop expecting Christians to do everything pro bono, people! Lol!

Scheduling conflicts:  Expecting to go on at noon and not hitting the stage until midnight.

Security issues:  One time while on stage, Mzzz. Kecia saw a guy going through her belongings in the back of the room! Really, dude?! She had to call security on the security! Lol!

MC’s introducing her by the wrong name! Or as Mzzz. Kecia says, “a whole ‘nother name!”

But through all the ups and downs, Mzzz. Kecia knows that she has hit it big because she now has her own stalker. “I understand you coming to my announced shows, but how do you know about the unannounced shows?! You showing up to the women’s conference and you’re a man! Lol!”

From Small Town to Big City

4 years ago, Mzzz. Kecia entered the B.E.T. contest, A Time to Laugh (the clean version of Comic View).

Now Mzzz. Kecia had talked herself out of even going to the audition. But she decided to pray about it because she prays about everything- from lost keys to finding a matching outfit. Lol! Once she prayed, things just started falling into place:  people volunteered to drive her, to buy her outfit, and even offered her a place to stay.

If nothing else, Mzzz. Kecia figured the audition would look good on her resume so she gave it a shot. And would you know, she was selected to be a featured comedian on the show! Mzzz. Kecia definitely stood out from the pack. While everyone else told “Jesus jokes” Kecia talked about it all. Mzzz. Kecia figured “clean comedy” went beyond jokes about church and the judges noticed. Well like I said, Mzzz. Kecia was selected, and this woman who once suffered from low self-esteem was now to be the focus, commanding the attention of a room full of people. “I’m national funny now!” Lol.

The Motto

Pray & Go! Surprisingly, Mzzz. Kecia wasn’t nervous for her big B.E.T. gig because of her motto, Pray & Go. One of the best shows she has ever performed came from a show that she didn’t want to do. She was having an awful day. Her car “blew up,” enough said! When she arrived to the venue she did not have a thing prepared. Before walking on the stage she says “God, if I’m a comedienne, she better go forth and if you’ve called me to do this then please give me something to say!” And He did just that! Mzzz. Kecia still remembers that night as one of her best shows yet.

Mzzz. Kecia is very humbled that God chose her to help carry out His work. And she loves what she does. And while it has not brought her millions (yet) she says that God told her to make his people laugh; he didn’t say go get rich.

“God told me ‘go make my people laugh.’ I wouldn’t trade if for the world. I love, love, love what I was called to do!”

And to all the female comedians out there who may be discouraged to break into this male dominated field, Mzzz. Kecia says “do something with all that personality and funny! Get you a check, chile!” Lol!

Check Mzzz. Kecia out on Facebook, Twitter, and check out her YouTube videos. Just search Mzzz. Kecia!  

Until Next Time,

Keep Laughing!


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