Funny & Inspirational Moments with Comedienne Wanda J

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“Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings. And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm, and steadfast. To him be the power for ever and ever. Amen.” 1 Peter 5: 9-11

Funny and Inspirational Moments with Comedienne Wanda J

Kitta recently had the pleasure of meeting a funny woman with a heartwarming story to share. A few weeks ago Kitta attended the very lively and festive 2 Year Anniversary Celebration for Trunetta Atwater’s TruImage photography company.

While there, Kitta interviewed some of Tru’s previous and current clients and came across the entertainment for the evening, Comedienne Wanda J.

*Watch the hilarious clip of Kitta and Wanda J’s hair style tips. All you Remi/Remy wearers and invisible part violators, Wanda J has some advice for you!


After just a few minutes of speaking with Wanda J, Kitta knew that this bubbly woman with a big personality had an amazing story and Kitta wanted to share it with all of her Laughers. So here it is!

Wanda J, a comedienne, public speaker and 1 of 25 children (she has the picture to prove it!) was the entertainment for the evening. This air personality turned stand-up comedian, has opened for Mo’Nique, Eddie Griffin, Earthquake, Pierre and many more along with an appearance on Def Comedy Jam.

Wanda J revealed some very startling news that evening; the day before performing at Tru’s anniversary celebration, she received a call from her doctor informing her that she has stomach cancer. (Kitta was amazed that Wanda J was able to still perform and laugh on stage after receiving such devastating news just the day before)

Wanda J recounts that it all started when she realized that it had been a while since her last bowel movement. Ok, some of you might be thinking too much information, but Wanda J explains how important it is for the body to rid itself of waste after every meal. Well instead of immediately going to the doctor, Wanda J decided to listen to others and try home remedies. (You know we’ve all done it)

After still no relief and a case of vomiting, Wanda J sought out a doctor. She says that by the time she finally did make it to the doctor she looked like she was 9 months pregnant from all of the backed-up waste in her system!

Wanda J looks back on this and urges us to listen to our bodies. No one knows your body better than you; when something is out of the ordinary, check it out! wj1

While keeping a brave face, wearing a smile and sharing laughter, Wanda J revealed to Kitta the difficulty of sharing the news with her family. The most difficult by far was letting her children know. Wanda J realized that her children really did not know what to say, so they mostly chose to not say anything.

Kitta expressed her amazement at how Wanda J was still smiling and laughing; Wanda J admitted that while she was laughing during the interview, it was a good chance that she would go out to her car later and cry. While Wanda has asked “Why Me?” and questioned her trust and faith in God, she has resolved that “if God is gonna use me to prove to somebody that the devil can bring you to something but He can bring you right on through it, then use me ’til you can’t use me no more!”

Wanda J’s parting words of wisdom:  “I want everyone to love themselves and love somebody just as much as you love your own self, spread the love.” 

Kitta and CILN feel so blessed to have made a friend in Wanda J. Please join us as we continue to pray for her and keep her lifted up. Feel free to contact Wanda J on Facebook (she loves meeting new people) and send her some encouraging words or some inspirational stories of your own. Like Wanda J said, spread the love.



Belle is a freelance writer and co-founder of Can I Laugh Now?, LLC. She is pursuing a Masters at the Missouri School of Journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia. A native of Memphis, Tennessee, she looks to pursue a career in consumer behavior research.

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