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My sleep pattern has been off for the last 3 years. When I was in college I was in bed every night by 10pm, in preparation for my 5am job.  When I started grad school I started staying up all night doing homework and writing papers and trying to get at least 4 hours of sleep to be somewhat production for work the next day. Let me tell ya, going from working 15 hours a week while in college to working 40 hours a week and going to grad school can be a tragic life experience.  It can make or break you.  And now my sleep pattern is all screwed up.  So my sleepless nights have turned into 3am blogs.  These are just a few of the things that I notice and think about, feel free to add your thoughts at the end:

1. Recognize The Red Flags   RedFlags                                                                                            

Mistakes and experience have taught me to recognize the signs and red flags early.  Just as I was about to dive in heart first and head second, God said, “NOPE! That’s not what I want for you.”  And I actually listened the first time instead of investing my heart and praying for a sign later.  Early detection is key in everything, i.e,. health, business, and relationships.  Know when to walk away or take action.

2. Stop Contradicting Yourself   pray                                                                                        

We often contradict ourselves when talking to God.  We pray for one thing and go searching for something else.  For example, I’ve been praying that God blesses my business and my endeavors to work for myself, but everyday I wake up the first thing I think about is finding a better paying job and I go straight to my laptop to send out my resume, in search of that perfect 9 – 5 job with benefits; the perfect job that I know I don’t want.  And he has closed a lot of doors to the 9 – 5 jobs I’ve applied for.  I take that as a “I’m not going to stick you in a 9 – 5 because that’s not where I want you.  I’m about to give you what you asked for.”  And I’m cool with that.  Having patience is hard, but I refuse to give up on my dream.

3. I’m So Tired of Being Broke  need

It bothers me when people are constantly worried about money.  Yes, we all need money to provide us with our basic needs to survive.  And I’m not saying I don’t worry about having money to pay my bills.  What I am saying is that money worries do not consume me.  Money is not the source of all happiness and doesn’t solve all problems.  Now I’m not naive, money does make things a little easier.  Yes I have dreams of advancing and generating more income, but no matter how much money I DON’T have, God never let’s me go without.  I eat everyday, I drive my car everyday (with A/C), I lay my head on a pillow in a house everyday…I’d say I’m pretty well taken care of.  So until He decides I can be trusted with more, I’ll continue to be grateful for what I have now.

4. Your Vision Is Your Vision blog

Stop being upset because people aren’t as excited about your dreams and ideas as you are.  When embarking on something new the people most likely to NOT offer a lot of support are your family and friends.  I know you’re thinking that’s a messed up thing to say, but it’s true.  And it doesn’t mean they don’t love and care about you, or that they don’t want you to succeed.  It simple means they can’t see what you see.  Not everyone is going to see the whole picture of what you’re trying to accomplish.  All they can see is the “right now” work that you are doing, and what you’re doing right now may not make a lot of sense to them.  That’s because it’s not their vision, it’s YOURS! God gave it to you.  If He wanted other people to see it in it’s beginning stages he would have given it to others too.  You received this vision because He knows you can carry it out and bring it to life.  Keep pushing and let any negativity that comes your way be your motivation.

5. Everybody Wants to Be Famous twinkletwinkleimastarLOGO                                                  

Like Kevin Hart says, “Everybody wants to be famous but no one wants to put the work in.”  I saw something on Facebook that kind of bothered me.  Someone on my friends list has declared themselves a celebrity by default.  Is that possible?  By default I mean they have a relative who is semi-famous, and I use that term loosely because if I threw out the name you probably wouldn’t know who the heck I was talking about.  So many people see what is portrayed in the media of the life that celebrities live and they too want to live the fabulous life.  But your perception is not always reality.  We only see what they allow us to see.  We don’t see the everyday struggles they go through, which may be way more than we want to deal with.  Don’t be so quick to promote yourself to a higher position than you’re in now.  Being a celebrity is not all it’s cracked up to be, I’m sure.  And declaring yourself a celebrity without putting in any type of work makes you just as bad as the baby mamas living the life on Instagram that are “celebrities by default.”  Some of these ladies would not be known by name if it weren’t for their baby daddy’s celebrity status. Just silly…LOL

6. The Grass Isn’t Always Greener Envy-image.jpg

Stop envying what other people have.  Like my dude pictured here.  Yeah he’s all buff and fit, but he can’t even rest his arms. Can you imagine how tiring and frustrating that has to be!  Most of the time what you think others have is not what they really have and they probably wish they had what you have.  Like the ability to use their arms like a normal person.  We can easily look at others and think they are so happy and that they walk around all day singing “I ain’t got no worries.”  Once again, perception is not always reality.

                                            “People say the grass is greener on the other side.  The water bill is also higher.”                                                  ~Tyler Perry

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Kitta is a Laugh Coach, blogger and co-founder of Can I Laugh Now? She is a graduate of the University of Memphis, where she earned her degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice.  A native of Jackson, TN, she is currently marketing herself as a Traveling Media Personality.

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