All I Want For My Birthday…


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Today is Wednesday, July 24, well depending on when you’re reading this, which means my birthday is 28 days away and YES, I like to plan ahead. I don’t need anything for my birthday but I know some people that do. We often take for granted the food that we put in our mouths or the food that we waste everyday. Now I know you’re probably thinking about how your mom or grandmother use to fuss at you about how you didn’t eat all of your food and how “Right now a child in Africa is hungry while you sit here wasting food.” But it’s true, at least for me it is. There are many times that I pick over my food and end up throwing it in the trash, or put leftovers in the fridge and it stays there so long it eventually isn’t fit to eat anymore and it ends up going in the trash.

Every time we put food in our mouths we blessed, even if its something we really don’t want to eat. And eating is often taken for granted because there are so many people that you pass everyday that go days without putting one crumb in their mouths.
ImageWith that being said all I want for my birthday is restaurant or grocery store gift cards. Not for myself, for those who truly need it. Some of you may recall that for my 2 year Laugh anniversary I asked people to donate gift cards or make a monetary donation to be used towards gift cards to give out to the homeless. Often times people are hesitant to give a homeless person money because they assume they will use it for alcohol or drugs. Well, why not give them a $10 restaurant gift card so you know that you’re providing them with at least 2 meals.
/ImageOn the eve of my birthday I will be celebrating with the people of Jackson, TN and accepting gift cards for the homeless. Ill spend my actual birthday handing out those gift cards around Jackson. What better way to celebrate another year of life than by blessing someone else. If you would like to join me or you want to make a monetary donation to be used towards gift cards just click the “All I Want For My Birthday” link below to RSVP or find out how you can donate. Location of event and other info can be found there. I hope to see many of you on August 20 to help me bring in my birthday.
Until next time Laughers…Keep Laughing!
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