5 Reasons You Should Never Diet Again

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It’s Saturday morning and you have a wedding to attend in about 5 hours. Time to do what you’ve been putting off all week…finding something to wear. You spend the next hour trying on everything in your closet and nothing is working. It either highlights too much of the body parts that you aren’t happy with or it doesn’t fit at all. So you finally decide to go with old faithful–the flowy black dress that can be either casual or dressy, with the right heels of course. After getting dressed and taking one last look in the mirror you know exactly what you must do–it’s time to go on a diet.

Diets…you’re either on one, just finished one, or are thinking about starting one. I’ve personally been on just about every diet you can think of. I’ve tried the cabbage diet, Slim Fast, the liquid diet, vegetarian diet, and even…

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