The Harmful Effects of Being Overweight

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I came across a video posted on Facebook the other day titled, “I’m Fat But…”. Individuals were making statements like, “I’m fat, but I eat healthy”, “I’m fat, but I’m not a glutton”, “I’m fat but I actually like going to the gym”, “…but I’m a runner”, “…but I’m not lazy”. Now my first question is why do the individuals in this video feel the need to justify being fat or making sure people don’t stereotype them as being lazy or loving food a little too much? Second, just because you may not currently have any visible health problems, why would you wait until you start to have problems before you decide to do something about your weight? Or maybe you don’t think your weight will ever pose a problem. Now before I go any further, let me make it clear that I do not support body shaming but…

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