Getting Over Your Gym-Timidation: An Interview With Fitness Trainer Danya Love

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Fitness has become the new black. Everyone wants to be in shape, but some don’t know where to start. My friends make comments all the time about working out and getting in shape. They say, “girl I can’t get up that early” or “what you do is too hard, I can’t do pushups and burpees” or my favorite, “I’m going to start working out Monday.” Many people are intimidated by the gym and gym equipment because they don’t know how to use the machines or they think they are too weak or too overweight to be able to do most of the exercises when working with a trainer. You may know people that frequent the gym and they make it look effortless.

My mom doesn’t like going to the gym because her perception of the gym, much like a lot of other people, is a bunch of muscle men pumping…

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