Summertime Cool: Doerilla

Turning Pain Into Laughter Since 2011


Imagine being in the middle of the always chaotic New York City. The busyness, the people everywhere, the city that never sleeps…and it’s the middle of December and colder than a penguin’s butt. Ignoring the cold that’s causing everyone else to run home to their little space heaters, you remain cool…as cool as the guy stuntin in his drop top [rental] riding through the streets of Miami with his Tom Ford shades on. No matter where you are, no matter the situation, nothing can negate the fact that you remain cool like a summer breeze…summer time cool.

Jon Herron, a.k.a. Doerilla, has been on the music scene since the early 2000s when he and his cousin Carl joined forces as the Kinfolk Boys and released their first mixtape, Meal Ticket. Shortly after, they decided to disband as the Kinfolk Boys, with Carl deciding he wanted to be more behind the scenes as a producer and Doerilla having a strong passion for writing. So Doerilla took this opportunity to step out and release music as a solo artist. A Jackson, TN native, he is definitely one to watch out for and with the release of his newest mixtape, Summertime Cool, he’s destined to take over the local music scene. With tracks like Already Made ItPower and my favorite Monday, this mixtape will make you forget that it’s 30 degrees outside while you’re cruising in your car.

The inspiration for this new music simply came from his love of music. As he banged out four different songs in one weekend, that Summertime Cool feeling took over and he knew he had to release this music for the world to hear. Like most artists, Doerilla uses his music as an outlet to vent and express himself. With Summertime Cool, he hopes to peak the interest of his listeners and score more opportunities for him to perform and showcase his music…getting the music in the ears of more people and hearing the lyrics being repeated by his fans. Currently the track Monday has been featured on local radio stations. Up next, the No Chill mixtape…

“this album will be no chill, no feelings. I’ve had a lot of people hating on the side since I dropped Summertime Cool. I won’t have any filters on this next project.” ~Doerilla 

To download Summertime Cool go to Spinrilla and be sure to connect with Doerilla on Facebook and Instagram the request bookings and stay up-to-date on new music.


Until next time Laughers,

~Keep Laughing

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