2016 Election Aftermath: Why I Had To Say Goodbye To Some Of My White Friends

Turning Pain Into Laughter Since 2011

When someone shows you who they are, believe them. ~Maya Angelou

This is probably the most commonly used quote and also the most ignored. Ignored because we let these words flow from our mouths like water flows through a stream, but rarely use a sponge to really soak it up, retain it, and put it into action. People so often display signs of their true character, whether good or bad, and we often dismiss them like a random Donald Trump billboard on the freeway. Then we have the audacity to be shocked when someone that we thought we knew does something to hurt us or something that is considered unethical or inhumane.

The 2016 election campaign was very interesting, to say the least, and now that it’s over and we’re all officially doomed to hell, there are some changes that must (or had) to be made. I made a post on Facebook the day after the election stating, “Anyone that voted for Trump is racist.” While I stand by my comment and wholeheartedly believe it to be true, it sparked a flow of comments in both agreement and retaliation. One of those comments came from a colleague/friend. She first gave me a disclaimer of how she loved me dearly, and then told me she was offended by my comment, thus identifying herself as a Trump supporter. She proceeded to say the first thing a racist says in defense and denial of their racism, “I am not and never have been a racist.” I’m sorry ma’am I have to disagree, because I clearly know you better than you know yourself (is that possible?). You see my ex-friend, racism can be displayed in many different forms. For this particular person, she was big on stereotypes. For example, when she refers to one of her white employees she uses terms like ‘unprofessional’ and ‘loud’ when they raise their voice or do something out of character. When referring to one of her Black employees she uses ‘ghetto’ or ‘hood’ to describe their behavior. So what makes the Black employee ‘ghetto’ and not just ‘loud’ or ‘unprofessional’ for having the same reaction to a situation that the white employee had?

Let’s back up to her reasons for voting for Trump. She said she disagreed with what Hillary stood for so much that she had no other choice but to vote for Trump…”I voted for a platform, not a candidate.” So never mind all the racist, sexist, and derogatory remarks Trump has made. Never mind that he hates all people of color and would LOVE to ship us back to wherever he thinks we came from. And let us not forget that grabbing women by the pussy is just as normal for him as brushing his teeth. You may not consider yourself a racist, but his racists remarks were not enough to deter you from voting him in as our leader, and that’s NOT ok. A vote for him is a vote in agreement for everything he stands for, says, and does.

What I cannot continue to do is be tolerant of certain people, prejudices, and behaviors. The progress that we have made is being attacked…the well-being of my people is under attack. By overlooking some of her comments about certain people and the comments she sometimes made about the events in the news referring to another unarmed Black person being killed by police, I was tolerant of her behavior. Just like she was tolerant of me because, in her eyes, I was the stereotypical Black person. I remember her saying how she was so ‘sick’ of hearing about and seeing news stories on the fatal police shooting of Mike Brown. Never mind how ‘sick’ Mike Brown’s mother must be over losing her child. They say history is starting to repeat itself, I say these injustices never stopped. We were so distracted by the so-called progress and advancement of the Black race, that we slowly became blind to our continued state of mental and institutional slavery. White people gave us a little freedom and a few rights and we conveniently started to dismiss, or become content with, the barriers that were still stacked against us.

In order for me to rock with you, you have to stand! Stand up and speak out on the injustices that my people and any group of people are constantly plagued with. Racism has become so open and blatant and I can no longer be silent and I don’t expect my circle to be silent. If you can’t empathize because it doesn’t directly affect you then for me that equals another form of racism. She never once spoke out against the violence that have been inflicted on people of color at the hands of the very people that are suppose to serve and protect us. As my friend, anything that affects me negatively and threatens my well-being should be of concern to you as well.

I know that not all white people are racist, nor does this blog represent my hatred for white people. But to the ones that are, you will no longer be tolerated.  


Kitta is a blogger and co-founder of Can I Laugh Now. She is a graduate of the University of Memphis, where she earned her degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Kitta believes in healing pain through the power of laughter.

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